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Le Village

Le Village - Restaurant - Paris

Portrait of Senghor, musician wango, smells Chicken Yassa No doubt, Senegal is the gateway to the restaurant in the village month than a minute from Parmentier metro. Delicious African cuisine confirm the reputation of the Senegalese cuisine offer the best cuisine in West Africa. 80% of customers (according to the waitress) crack for the national dish Thieboudienne (Wolof ceebu jën which literally means rice with fish.). This delicious preparations of fish, and yet cooked rice with vegetables (manioc, cabbage, eggplant) can be eaten without moderation.

Do not hesitate to push the door of the Village restaurant to taste real Senegalese specialties. Mafe, yassas chicken or beef, or Diw Shooting (one meat dish and rice, onions and cassava), the staff is attentive and friendly. Dip your mustache in the foam of the Flag, the local beer.

Courses from 15 euros, and menu around 25 Euros.

Opening hours

Monday - Thursday

12:00 - 14:30 / 19:00 - 23:30

Friday - Saturday

12:00 - 14:30 / 19:00 - 23:45


19:00 - 23:30